Sud-Ouest Système Showroom: Robotic Cell

9 Jun 2021 | News

For decades, robots have played a role in automative, aeronautical, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical factories…. But, more recently, the demand is growing for different sectors or applications: R&D, 4.0 technology needs, artificial intelligence or modular solutions. 

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Development of a modular robotized cell

The evolution of the robotics market has pushed Sud-Ouest Système to continue its diversification and development in line with the current market. In view of this fat, we have decided to create our robotics cell to enable you to implement your ideas, simulate and verify the feasibility of your projects before they carried out.

ur fully modular cell is composed of :

  • 1 Fanuc robot with its electronic control bay
    The choice of the robot is a Fanuc R2000 robot which is a standard representing 80% of their sales.
  • 1 linear track with two carts with :
    • On the first carriage: a 6T rotary positionner from our range
    • On the second cariage: a steady rest for holding your long parts.
Showroom Robot Sud Ouest Systeme Configuration 1

Our solution will be mounted in the following configuration and will be operational for the month of October 2021. The linear axis and the rotary table can be driven by the Fanuc robot bay or by the latest Sinumerik One numerical control from Siemens. The robot wrist will be equipped with a quick and effector gripping system with a universal end gripper tool.

More pictures of our modular robotic cell

The competitive advantage of our solution is its modularity which allows us to modify its configuration to adapt to different needs. Discover the modular robotic cell developed by Sud Ouest Système in a few pictures!

Development needs for a special machine? A machine retrofit project ? Do not hesitate to contact Sud Ouest Système. Our team of experts will accompany you throughout your project in order to offer you solutions adapted to your needs.