The know-how and expertise of Sud Ouest Système are what enable us to offer special, high-capacity machine tools ideally suited to our customers’ technical requirements and their budget objectives.



Our milling machines are designed to manufacture your parts with the greatest efficiency at the best price. We can mill all types of materials: hard metals (cast iron, steel, titanium, Inconel …), alloys and soft metals (aluminum, brass …), alloys, composites, wood, plastic.

We will refine your needs together in order to create your tailor-made machine in terms of functionality, safety and profitability. Our mechanical, electrical and automation design offices will study your specifications in detail taking into account standards, ergonomics and feedback from several years. From our design and manufacturing processes, we optimize reliability, maintainability and maintenance costs of our machines (intervention time, ergonomics, spare parts …).

Our partners will be able to help you to optimize your parts manufacturing process: programming, cutting tools definition, lubricants, material to be removed, cutting / feedrate parameters, …

We integrate different models of numerical control (NC): Siemens, Fanuc, Num, Heidenhain. In addition, we are able to add different machine accessories (vibration monitoring system, tool probe, part thickness measuring probe …) or peripherals (tool magazine, conveyor, filtration or handling system …).


composite Machines

The use of composite parts has become more widespread in all areas of activity (aeronautics, automotive, space, medical, rail, …) in order to design very resistant and much lighter parts.

We design and build braiding machines of carbon fiber, glass fiber, … which will allow you to make all types of parts with particular shapes. The advantage of this type of process is to allow you to fully define and automate fiber placement. Then, parts are finished by resin or prepreg molding injection.

We also manufacture filament winding machines. The process allows fibers to be laid down on a fixed or rotating part.



Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a set of methods which allow characterizing the condition of structures or materials, without degrading them. The objective is to map defects of a part or a material (lack of material, cracks, delamination, corrosion, porosity). Our method is based on reflection and transmission controls using single and multi-element transducers.

The advantages of our products are manifold:

  • Ultrasonic probe (US) displacement system on robot base or Cartesian gantry with CN interface
  • Result obtained in real time
  • Reporting of defects or cavaties positions for touching up parts

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The integration of one or more robots will bring you competitive advantages:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Quality improvement of final product by the reliability and repeatability of the movements
  • Safety and simplification of strenuous tasks for your operators (assembly, drilling, parts transfer …).

We offer turnkey robotics solutions (from 3D design to on-site integration).

We can program and integrate different brands of robots (Fanuc, Kuka, ABB …) for your new projects or on your existing lines, according to your specifications and/or your preferences.



Our positioners are adapted to your needs, they will allow you to position continuously and precise tooling from 6 t to 80 t.

Our positioners are programmable.

We are able to build positioners with a custom hook interface.



Specific machines, mainly precise and rigid carriers of large dimensions, were manufactured in our workshops to accommodate the processes of our partners or customers in different (aeronautics, defense, energy …). Here are some examples of implementation (see our brochure for more information):

  • 6-axis carrier for riveting unit
  • 3-axis mobile drilling machine
  • Refractory material sawing machine
  • Automatic grinding machine

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